Structural steel fabrication by structural steel fabricators - SLWS Virginia

Structural Steel Fabrication – Throughout our history, we have dedicated ourselves to meeting stringent industry standards and critical construction schedules by completing structural steel fabrication jobs in a timely manner.

Steel Erection and Installation – At SLWS, fabrication is accomplished in house so that erection schedules can be managed internally.  Two mobile cranes and a fleet of well equipped trucks facilitate timely and correct installation.

Steel Detailing – With years of experience, our technicians and craftsmen thoroughly identify and address every detail important to the accurate and efficient fabrication and installation.

Bar Joists and Decking – We also have significant experience in the production and installation of custom bar joists and decking.

Estimating – SLWS encourages prospective customers to contact us to obtain free, competitive estimates.  (Link to RFQ)

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